We welcome Producers and Suppliers of Fine Wines, Foods and Beverages!

We are direct importers, wholesalers and distributors with regional offices in UK, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Colombia, Venezuela and USA and partners worldwide.

How to become a Supplier for AD Global Group:

1.- Register as Supplier by filling out this online form, you will be contacted within 48 hours. You may also regiser through one of our partners or branch offices in USA, Europe or Latin America.

2.- Once registered you will be informed on when and how to send product samples for tasting and evaluation to AD Glboal Group product selection division in Europe.

3.- AD Global Group product selection division carefully reviews prices and products provided by suppliers worldwide to determine if the product meets the quality, price and market entry requirements. Also establishes at this time the most viable distribution channel in the foreign market. If it is approved, the supplier will be able to send samples to the regional office where product will be marketed.

4.- Sign the Import and Distribution Agreement with AD Global Group.

5.- Prepare future import Products for foreign market: we suggest needed adjustments, translations and also register labels with overseas agencies. We provide advice on legal, export and logistics, among others aspects.

6.- Support us in the marketing efforts of your products, through campaigns, tastings and trade events organized by AD Global Group worldwide to promote and sell your products.

7.- We buy products, represent or find the most suitable distributors and wholesalers for your products. Remember that Foreign supermarkets and specialty stores only buy products from local distributors such as AD Global Corp (USA), AD Global Czech Republic, AD Global Corp Ltd (UK), AD Global Group de Colombia, etc.

Our regional Managers and staff will work closely with your company during the entire time you are our client. AD Global Group tracks sales at its various stages to ensure compliance with delivery deadlines, quality requirements, etc.

If you are interested in selling overseas, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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We seek quality WINES, FOODS & BEVERAGES at competitive prices to meet the growing needs of supermarkets, the horeca channel, gourmet shops and stores and wholesale buyers in the markets we serve!

AD Global Group customizes its services, programs, and support to suit virtually any customer need. We carefully select our suppliers as we only accept the best quality products.





Contact us if you are a manufacturer of Wines, Foods or Beverages and would lide to market your products overseas.


If you are a wholesale buyer, distributor of professional of the food industry and which to buy quality and unique wines, foods, and beverages, please contact us
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